Media Starter Package - Google Search - Setup Only

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Standalone Setup for Google Search

We'll conduct the keyword research, budget setup, media plan and targeting necessary to set the campaign on the right track.   This setup can accommodate campaigns with $500 - $2999 as a monthly ad budget and chosen from either will require Google Search in its monthly optimization.


  • Project Kickoff
    Official acceptance of the project. 
  • Interview Process
    Gather all relevant access details. Understanding of the business, its products and services, and most importantly the goals and objectives of the campaign.
  • Media Plan Creation
    This involves channel recommendations and budget allocation based on the details in the business Interview.
  • Account creation
    We’ll create or gain access of either Google Ads* accounts or Facebook/Instagram* profiles depending on the chosen platforms. 
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics*, Facebook Pixel* Integration
    We’ll be granted access and setup Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics*, Facebook Pixel* integration with your existing platforms and or services, depending on which chosen platforms are relevant.

Business Ad-Buy Budget Required:

Minimum: $500.00
Average: $2,999.00