Media Mix Package - Facebook Ads + Display and Remarketing

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Combine Facebook Ads with Google Display Ads and Targeted Remarketing

We combine the visual appeal of Facebook, Google Display Ads and Targeted Remarketing - Which is great for enhancing brand awareness using banner ads, remarketing to existing audience/visitors that haven't converted yet, while upselling or cross-selling to existing business.

Product Details

  • Platform
    We utilize cross platform strategies to achieve the goals of your business. We devise a strategy based on your business's needs, this package includes Facebook Ads with cross-posting to Instagram, with the power of Google Display Ads and Targeted Remarketing.
  • Facebook Ads
    Get wide and instant presence exposure on two of the world's largest Social Media platforms - Facebook and Instagram.
  • Display and Remarketing Ads
    Create brand awareness using banner ads and remarketing to your existing audience that have yet to convert, upsell or cross-sell to existing business, while promoting new products and services.